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I wish I would have tried this place first after dealing with the VA. I didn't have high expectation since I have had lower back pain since 2003 and I have tried everything else. I had one nice doctor at the VA tell me about Charles Adams and I said I am willing to try it since nothing else has worked. I knew nothing of acupuncture but it was worth a shot. I have been on all sorts of medications and tried physical therapy for months but nothing was helping. I was tired of all the pain with no reason why I have I have the pain. Charles not only made me feel comfortable while I was there but he also explained everything and listened to me. He goes out of his way to try and give you options of what might be causing the issues and how to decrease it. He does not give up on you and will try everything he has available to help ease the pain. After my second visit I went from a 5/10 (which is my normal everyday pain) to a 2. I just now had my 3rd visit and when I left I had no pain. I know everyone is not the same and may react different but in 15 years I have never had 1 day without pain until now. I will continue to use Charles as long as he is here. My wife sees a difference in my attitude since I have little to no pain. It is so nice to be able to walk, stand, sit, bend, and lay down without excruciating sharp pain in my back at the end of my work day. Thank you so much for taking care of this Vet.
Dean Sharpe - Kalamazoo, MI
Charlie was my first…. acupuncturist! I was suffering from extreme fatigue, and I needed help. I sought out his care based on his credentials, and, as it turned out, I made a good choice. Charlie’s manner is gentle, caring and attentive. His skills are well honed and expertly administered. The staff and office environment compliment his therapies, and contribute to my renewing sense of well being. Over time, his compassionate treatment and suggestions for life style changes made a dramatic change for the better, not only in my energy level, but in my overall attitude as well. Today, I no longer suffer from fatigue, and continue to see Charlie from time to time, as other issues warrant. I feel blessed to have found Charlie Adams, and am grateful for his care.

Ann Schiff - Kalamazoo, MI

I had been bothered by a uncomfortable stiffness in my neck for several months and had sought relief through a prescribed muscles relaxant, massage and physical therapy. Nothing really helped. A physician at the VA suggested that I try acupuncture, which was not then available at the Battle Creek VA and wouldn't be for several months. In those cases vets can get a referral through the VA to private practitioners. That led me to Charles R. Adams at Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Kalamazoo. After a few sessions with Charlie I noticed an improvement in the tightness and was sleeping better. After each session the neck continued to improve. While the neck tension is not yet gone, acupuncture has proven to be the most effective therapy I have tried.

BK - Kalamazoo, MI

I am most pleased with the acupuncture treatment that I received at the Acupuncture Center of SW Michigan. Charlie Adams was kind, patient, and most professional in his treatment procedures. He went out of his way to help me feel comfortable and to relax. The pain in my hip and leg was completely gone after only two treatments and has not returned. I have not hesitated to recommend Charlie to many of my friends and will certainly return if the need arises.
RD - Kalamazoo, MI
I must admit I was a little skeptical as to whether or not acupuncture would be able to alleviate myallergic reaction to cats.  Charlie took the time to explain the process and answer my questions.  I was amazed at how simple it was...and relaxing too.  In two consecutive treatments the symptoms of the allergic reaction had disappeared.  I definitely recommend Charlie.  Kalamazoo is lucky to have such a skilled acupuncturist.
JP - Kalamazoo, MI