Seasonal Allergies

According to, pollen levels in the Kalamazoo area are at their seasonal peak this week. For those who suffer seasonal allergies, acupuncture can offer relief.

Allergies are hyper reactions by our immune systems to otherwise harmless substances. The symptoms can be the classic runny nose and itchy eyes, but they can also be intestinal cramping, hives or even anaphylaxis. It is estimated that one in every five people have some type of allergy and even if a person does not have a history of allergies, they can develop at any time. The good news is that a simple muscle testing procedure can help identify what your body reacts to and acupuncture can help give lasting relief. This combination is the essence of NAET.

NAET, or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, is a rather ingenious diagnostic and treatment process. It starts with determining a baseline of strength and weakness within an isolated muscle group. A frequently used muscle group is the ring formed between the thumb and one of the fingers in the shape of an “O”.

Once a baseline is clearly established, any environmental substance like rye grass or tree pollen or any type of food (like dairy or wheat) can be evaluated for how the body responds to it. The patient simply holds the possible allergen in one hand and the NAET practitioner uses even strength to attempt to open the “O” ring. If the ring holds strong, this typically means that the substance tested has no negative effects on the body. If the ring is easily opened, this typically means that the substance tested does have a negative effect on the body. The beauty of this process is that the patient can easily feel the difference between a weak and strong indication and it can be validated before and after treatment.

The treatment is fairly straight forward as well. While holding the allergen, a patient is coached though a regimen of deep breathing exercises while the practitioner applies acupressure along the spine. This process is followed by a prescription of acupuncture points that “set” the clearing that takes place. If possible, the patient should avoid the item that has been cleared for the next 24 hours. The next session, the same muscle group can be used to recheck the previously cleared item. If it goes weak, the process is repeated. Depending on the level of allergic reaction, it may take a few sessions. This is definitely a process, but well worth the effort. People who are plagued with low energy, general achiness, dull headaches and stuffy sinuses should certainly consider Acupuncture and NAET.