Incorporating Acupuncture Into Your Life

Sara Calabro, founding editor of AcuTake, wrote a great article entitled 15 Ways to Incorporate Acupuncture Into Your Life in 2015 and reveals how one person hopes to use the tenets of acupuncture to influence their attitude and actions so they can live optimally in 2015.

I encourage you to read the entire article. For now, here's my favorite from the list: 

Embrace change.
Change is hard for most of us because we delude ourselves into believing that we can anticipate outcomes of the things we're accustomed to. When things change, we don't like it because now we can't predict the outcomes. In an attempt to stay in control of our inherently out-of-control lives, we seek cut-and-dried explanations.

But change doesn't have to be scary or threatening, and it doesn't have to detract from your power. In fact, in acupuncture theory, change is the primary ingredient for becoming a healthier person. We are getting better as long as we are no longer the same. Next time you're faced with a change, remember that it's actually a sign that you're moving forward.