A Plan to Feed the World

As we plan for our Thanksgiving meals this year, probably very few of us will be picking out seaweed to serve. In fact, outside of an occasional Nori Roll or Kombu Salad, most Americans are not accustomed to eating seaweed at all. By contrast, especially in Japan, 20 different varieties of seaweed are integrated into a regular diet.  The benefits of eating seaweed, as outlined in a 2013 Huffington Post story, include getting numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, there is even evidence that eating seaweed can help with inflammatory conditions like arthritis. 

If the benefits of eating seaweed weren’t enough, a story by Marketplace Morning Report's David Brancaccio tells how a former commercial fisherman is imaging how, if properly done, the growing and harvesting of seaweed can feed the entire world, sustainably and cleanup polluted areas of the ocean. This sounds like win to the power of 10! You can listen to the story here. Happy Thanksgiving!